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I’m Juliana Aponte, a professional makeup artist specializing in bridal beauty based in Barcelona. With a background in journalism, I’ve been braiding hair since I was a child. My passion for makeup arose from my curiosity about the world of cosmetics; I always loved advising on beauty, styling hair, and applying makeup to my friends. In 2015, I decided to formalize my training in professional makeup and hairstyling, studying in Colombia, New York, and Barcelona. Since then, I haven’t stopped learning and updating my skills.

Today, I focus on beautifying and styling brides because I love connecting with women’s stories and being part of their joyful moments. I also write about cosmetics and beauty because I’ll always be a communicator. Additionally, I conduct courses where I enjoy teaching and sharing with fellow enthusiasts like myself.

I hope you enjoy my work; I’m just a click away if you’d like to contact me. Feel free to explore my blog and visit my social media to stay updated on my latest content.

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